Booking a photo session for children with special needs

Booking a family session is hard because most parents wonder whether their child is going to behave and smile properly.

Photographing children with special needs is even harder because it’s such an unfamiliar experience.  As a parent you are worrying about your child, and how they are going to react. Whether they will cope with a completely new environment and allow anyone to take their photo.

I know lots of families that thought having family photos were out of their reach.  I have been able to help them and I can help you too.

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Why should you book your session with me?

For the last few years I have worked at a local special needs school. This means I have many way to be able to help you.  I work as a photographer part time because I’m not ready to give up my job at the school.  So, being able to photograph children with special needs is amazing because it brings both of my jobs together.

I understand some of the challenges that you face.  Together, we will work hard to ensure your session is as relaxing as possible, for your entire family.

How will I be able to help?

To ensure that you get the session and memories that you’re after I send you a questionnaire.  This helps me collect information about your family.  The more you can tell me, the more I can prepare.  The session can be run in your own home, outside, or at my home studio. Wherever you feel it will be easier.

Before the session I can also send you a social story, if you think this will help your child to proces the day.  I’m also happy to  discuss other ways to help your child feel more comfortable.  It’s completely up to you. We can even arrange to me up or a visit to my home studio.  Just let me know.

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How will the session work?

First of all, you choose if you’d like me to come to your home, or you to the studio.

I can take natural photos of you all interacting as a family, in familiar surroundings.  Or, I can bring lights and backdropsf or a studio style photo session.

I will come to your home and quietly set up while your children get used to me.

Session that are run in my home studio have everything set up prior to you arriving.  When your children come in they can take their time to settle in and get used to their new surroundings.

Wherever the session is,  it is meant to be as relaxing as possible.  This means if it take your child 45 mins to settle in then that’s absolutely fine.  With your direction I will help your child to feel settled enough to have their photo taken.

Some children come in and end up playing with some toys while the family are around them.  I won’t be expecting your children to be looking at me but I will do my best to capture them looking at the camera.

My job is to capture some natural photos with you all interacting as a family!

You are welcome to bring anything with you that will help your children to feel relaxed.

photographing children with autism

I hope this helps you to understand a little bit more about what happens during a family photo session. If you’d like more information about booking a photo session for children with special needs either visit my Family Photography page HERE or email me at

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