Sports Photography Montage Prints.

Sports Photography Montage Prints.

I am a true believer that all children should participate in sport and that it is an important part of their well being.

There is nothing like participating in something you love surrounded by your mates.

If children are dealing with issues or stresses at school or home they’ll always have the support of their team mates and that is so IMPORTANT!  Or if they participate in a solo sport it is a great way to relieve the stress of the day.

Sports also teach children resilience, to work hard and respect others, as well as helping them to focus.

It also helps them to keep fit, healthy and can even improve brain power.

BUT it’s also fun! And that’s the main one for children. They need to enjoy it.. the rest is just an added extra!

So what is your child’s favourite sport or hobby?

Football, dance, cricket, gymnastics, athletics, martial arts, rugby, climbing, ice skating?

Whatever it is why not treat them to a mini session today..

It’s a fantastic experience where your son or daughter gets to show off for 20-30 minutes.

After the session they will then be presented with a beautiful A4 collage print to that will look great on their bedroom wall.

Upgrades are available to include larger prints, frames or canvases.

Only £39 if you mention this blog.

These will make lovely gifts and can done before or after Christmas, so please do get in touch.

This is a special offer price for the next four weeks.

Family photo sessions… dealing with your child’s personal needs…

Family photo sessions… dealing with your child’s personal needs…

I thought I would write this quick blog after a friend wrote a lovely review about me.


Her son has Autism and Tourette’s so found it too overwhelming to have photos taken at school because the environment was too noisy and he didn’t like having his photo taken in front of other people.

This was too much for my friends son (lets call him Peter) so unfortunately there would no school photos of him but there would be of his siblings because the environment wasn’t suitable for his needs.

This is why last year, for the for first time they came to me, at my home studio. It was just me and them. I took my time and let Peter settle in. I let him have his photos taken with his brothers and sisters at his own speed and we managed to get capture some lovely photos of them all together.  It took a bit longer than my “allotted time” but that’s okay because I am creating a memory for this family and I want them to have that photo, just like everyone else does.

So now they have their “normal” school photo.. like everyone else.Family studio photo sessions in Horsham

BUT this got me thinking.. what is normal?

Is this “normal”? Is Peter not normal because he doesn’t like his photo being taken or is he completely normal but just has extra needs. In my experience no-one is normal and every photo on the page has had completely different needs because no child is the same.. even twins aren’t the same!

I PROMISE you MOST children HATE having their photo taken.. some like Peter have special needs so find it a struggle because it’s too noisy and too intrusive but others hate sitting down for too long, some hate looking at the camera, others hate the “horrible smart clothes they have to wear, or hate a stranger making them do this or do that, some just hate having to be near their brothers and sisters!

school photo sessions in Horsham

Because most children don’t like having their photo taken this is why I will take it at your child’s speed.

If they need to say hi to my dog or play with their toys, run around the woods or lay down reading a book then that is fine. I will help them to settle in, in whatever way will help them.  I can even come to your house, the park or to their sports lesson, wherever they feel comfortable (it also doesn’t cost you any more if it’s in the local area)Princess photo sessions in Southwater

Any photographer will tell you kids photo sessions are very rarely a dream because children are children and not little robots..and it’s their personality that you want to shine through

I run mini sessions because these only take around 20 minutes so you family isn’t expected to “perform” for ages. I also run autumn mini which means on the walk to the location your children can burn up some energy and play, plus get to know me before the camera comes out.

SO, if your child is just a child, ANY type of child and you wish to finally get some photos taken please do get in touch.

Peter asked his mum if I can take his photos again this year because its much calmer for him and he prefers this to the crazy school environment.Newborn baby photo session in Sussex

The photos I have added show some of the children that I have photographed and NOT one came in sat down like a perfect little angel and had their photo taken without a murmur because they’re children not models. And you want photos of your child’s personality whatever that is… When we first chat I will gather information about your child so that we can set up the perfect environment to capture the best photos of your family.

Next we can start talking about adults that do or don’t like their photo being taken… I know I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it… what about you???

My first wedding!

My first wedding!


I constantly get asked…

“Do you photograph weddings?”

And my answer has always been…

“No, that’s WAY too much pressure! Imagine photographing the wedding and messing it up? That’s the brides day ruined…no memories…I couldn’t take that kind of pressure.

Then there is the other side from “Wedding Photographers” who will tell you…

“Don’t do it unless you are totally ready!!”

“Everyone thinks they can be a photographer but it’s way harder to be a wedding photographer!”

“Never photograph a friends wedding, that’s just asking for trouble!!”

“You need to get training before you even attempt it!”

“Being a guest and a photographer at the wedding never works”

So, I never did…

Until now!

A wonderful friend of mine was getting married and asked ME to be her photographer! Of course I said no. Was she crazy… I couldn’t do that! But she insisted…

“It’s a relaxed affair, think of it as a garden party! I just want to capture something from the day and have some memories of my friends and family coming together to help me celebrate.”

Ok, I could photograph a party, that’s ok! So we agreed, I would attend the wedding as a friend but also take my camera (let’s be honest, we ALL take our camera to the wedding anyway!)

And that was it.

I was going to photograph their wedding! I had already done their baby photos and that went like a dream so I knew Holly was just as relaxed as they came!

Holly never changed! She was absolutely wonderful and put ME at ease! I was so nervous before the day but that was all me, nothing but calm came from my wonderful bride to be!

So what happened next….. You’ll have to wait until the next blog!

Back to School Photos

Back to School Photos

I know it’s the summer holiday BUT…

Does your life get really busy when the children go back to school and the last thing on your mind is school photos?


Then the day arrives and your children come home and tell you they’ve had their photos taken? That’s when you realise they’re wearing that really dirty school jumper, their face is grubby and they haven’t had their hair cut…

But home comes the photo proof and you still buy it… even though you hate it but you’ve promised to send Nan and Granddad their yearly photos of the children!


Then child number 2 comes home with their photo proof and you have to spend even more money on their photos as well!!

Isn’t it so annoying when the children are at different schools.. everything becomes so much more expensive!

How about this year doing something DIFFERENT, EASIER & CHEAPER!?!?!

You come to me!!


You pay ONE price

You dress them before you arrive in CLEAN clothes

It doesn’t matter WHICH school your children go to they ALL get their photos TOGETHER, as well as individual ones

It will take about 10 minutes and then you can forget about it until I email you over your gallery.


1x 10×8 inch or 2x 7×5 inch print       –     £15

3x 10×8 inch or 5x 7×5 inch print       –    £35

All images printed 7×5 inch                 –     £45


1x digital print                                        –      £20

3x digital prints                                      –      £39

All digital prints                                     –      £49

(Digital Prints can be shared and personally printed as many times as you wish)

How do you book?

Either PM me, complete the booking form or email me at


Happy holidays 😃





Has that time come around already…?

Your little baby is about to leave school and move onto the next chapter..

and all that’s left is …. PROM

Leaving School, Girl in prom dress


They asked for a new outfit, shoes, hair and make up plus a car to take them there…

Why not book in a PHOTO SESSION to capture those memories for years to come??


A 20-30 minute photo session is



3 digital images

Prom dress, senior photos

These sessions will be held in Southwater and are limited so to avoid disappointment book yours early.

Prom photo session, Sussex