End of life dog Celebration Photography

End of life dog Celebration Photography

End of life dog Celebration Photography

It is so hard coming to terms with the fact that our pet will not be with us forever. It is so important to capture memories, so that we can remember them when they are gone.

I lost my Springer Spaniel, in 2023,  when she was 17 years old. I was devastated!  She had been poorly for a little while, but this didn’t make it easier.

Luckily I knew this day was coming, so I made the most of recording memories.  Bailey loved being outside, so, with my children, we went for a walk to Buchan Park, Crawley, West Sussex.

end of life pet photography


Even at the end, Bailey still wanted to be out and about.  She couldn’t walk very far and would fall over but she was so happy, and she just wanted to be outside with us.

This is when we had to resort to a trailer, so that she when she got tired, she could sit down and have a rest.

end of lifr photography for dogs

At the end this was a typical dog walk… and I wanted to make some memories.  Bailey just loved sniffing, plodding and chasing the ball when she could.


When this got to much she’d enjoy sitting in the trailer, just watching the world go by and enjoying cuddles from passer by’s.


Gorgeous boys at an outdoor family photo session.


Once she knew the trailer was there for here she would sit down when she was tired and start to wriggle around once she was bored of being in it and wanting to get out. 

As embarrassing as this was for my children, it meant that Bailey could still join us for  walk but get new smells and visit different places, even if she couldn’t walk all the way there.


dog in a trailer end of life photography

How does an end of life dog session work?


Prior to the session, we arrange a date to meet up and discuss what type of session you’d like.  This can be a session indoors, in the comfort of your dogs own home, my home studio or outside at their favourite place.  

The session will last an hour but you can book a double session if you prefer a bit longer. Click HERE for more details.

We will discuss who is attending your session because you can bring other family members.. so that we can create as many memories as possible.  The more the merrier.

I will also email over some clothing ideas, for the humans… although dogs are welcome to wear what they want.  This includes information about ideal colours and using as few patterns as possible, to ensure you have timeless photos.  Ultimately though, as long as you are comfortable, anything goes.

These sessions are about your pet, you and your family, so it’s important that you wear something that represents who you are.

Outdoor sessions will only be cancelled if the session is heavily raining.  A little bit of rain just makes for a fun session!

end of life pet photography

My session is about natural photos of your pet and their interations with you and your family.

elderly dog photography


If you have any questions please do visit my family page by clicking  HERE and complete the contact form or email me at clairewildersphotography.co.uk


I hope you like my photos, I would love to have the opportunity of creating some fabulous memories for your family.

elderly dog photography

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