Mothers Day Photos

Mothers Day Photos

How many photos does your family have of you?

I recently went to a celebration of life, for a friend of mine.  She was far too young to have been taken from this world. She lived life to the full it and it showed…


When I walked through the doors where her celebration took place, it hit me…






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Every single wall was covered with photos of her.  It was a wonderful picture to see and we spent so long looking through those memories.  All the adventures she had been on, all the moments that she had lived! Her legacy will live on! 

I’m not so sure my family cound do the same.  Being on the other side of the lens is not a place I like to be!

But, these photos reminded me that its not about me, it’s about the people I leave behind.

Will my children be able to look back and see me in our adventures? We’ve done so many things together but I’m always the one to take the photos.

My friend had so many memories and there were so many of them together having fun as a family!  Living life! 

It breaks my heart that her children are going through something, that no child should but it warmed my heart that they could look back at these amazing memories, that will live on forever!



How many of your photos include you? OR your parents? What photos will your children have to look back on?


I run both in studio and outdoor sessions.


Everyone should have photos of you in them!  We are getting older every day and don’t know whats around the corner.  If you prefer a calm indoor session, look at my Mothers Day Photo Sessions  and Fathers Day Sessions .  If you like a more crazy, potentially chaotic session, then have a look at my Autumn SessionsBluebell Mini Sessions are outside but they are calmer because we cannot have children running through the bluebells.


How to book


Mothers Day Photo Sessions can be purchased as a gift voucher by emailing me at or by booking a date using the link HERE 

For current prices please click HERE

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Who’s invited?


Its your session, so it’s up to you.  We need to celebrate whoever is special to you.  A mini session is 20 minutes, a family session is an hour.  You can also book a double session, if you fancy a walk or a mixture of set ups.

Gorgeous boys at an outdoor family photo session.

The questionnaire


If you decide to book with me, I will send you a questionnaire to gather information about your family and what you would like to out of your session. This enables me to ensure I meet you needs and that you get the most out of the session.

I also ask for information such as children’s names, ages, hobbies etc, as it’s allows me to chat with them, when we meet and put them at ease.

I have my own children, so I am not expecting yours to be little angels.  Don’t worry if it takes them a while to get used to me.  The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for the children.

As well as photography, I also work in a school for children with special needs, so please do let me know if your child has any additional needs. I will ensure that the session is adapted to their needs.


How does the session work?


Prior to the session, we arrange a date to meet up, which will only be cancelled if the session is heavily raining.  A little bit of rain just makes for a fun session!

The session will last an hour but you can book a double session if you prefer a bit longer. I also offer indoor/outdoor sessions where you can have a studio style session and then head out for a walk.  Click HERE for more details.

We will discuss who is attending your session because you can bring pets or other family members.  The more the merrier.

I will also email over some clothing ideas.  This includes information about ideal colours and using as few patterns as possible, to ensure you have timeless photos.  Ultimately though, as long as you are comfortable, anything goes.

These sessions are about you and your family, so it’s important that you wear something that represents who you are.

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Outdoor Family Photo Sessions in West Sussex


If you have any questions please do visit my family page by clicking  HERE and complete the contact form or email me at


I hope you like my photos, I would love to have the opportunity of creating some fabulous memories for your family.

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