I had an exciting meeting this week with Sarah from Fit Mummy.

As a photographer I love capturing photos of newborn babies and children but as a mum who loves sport I understand how hard it is to fit in exercise.

Sarah and Lizzie are both fitness instructors and mums who realised that there is little in the way of exercise for mums to be and mums once the babies arrive so between them they have designed some wonderful classes.  They provide pre and post natal classes once your baby arrives.  The wonderful thing about these classes is that you can attend them with your baby.  It’s a wonderful way to lose your baby weight but without having to leave you gorgeous new baby with someone else.  Being a new mum can also be a lonely time as you adjust to looking after something so fragile but Fit mummy sessions also provides a great social network.

Sarah and I have decided to join together to show new mums what opportunities are available. I will be attending some of the classes to meet the Fit Mummies and to capture some photos of them with their babies participating in the sessions with Sarah and Lizzie. 

I will also be offering Fit Mummies a special discount with will enable them the ability to have a photo session to capture either some maternity photos or newborn photos once the baby has been born.  Watch this space because more information will be coming soon….




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