An abundance of bluebells in Sussex…

Bluebell Sessions

Spring is on its way!!  Therefore, it won’t be long until the bluebells arrive and that means it’s time to book your session…

As bluebells only last a few weeks there will be limited dates available so if you are interested in capturing some memories of your family it’s best to book as soon as possible.  Sessions will last about 45 minutes and location will be confirmed closer to the time, once I know the most beautiful area to use.  At the moment possible locations include Barns Green, Horsham, Crawley or Billingshurst.


Bluebell portrait photography, Horsham, Barns Green, Crawley, Billingshurst 

Autumn Minis coming soon….

Hey guys,

I will soon be putting together some dates for Autumn mini sessions in the Horsham and Crawley area.  If you would like me to email you details please fill out the contacts form and I will add you to the mailing list.  These sessions take half an hour so are cheaper than the full portrait session..

Hope you had a great summer.



How mums exercise with Fit Mummy at The Hawth..


top tips from Sarah
top tips from Sarah


Fit Mummies (25 of 57)






WOW!! I have just spent a wonderful morning with Sarah St John and her Fit Mummy work out class.  ITS AMAZING!

Sharing my toys with Sarah
Sharing my toys with Sarah

The first thought that went through my mind when I walked through the door was…”Wow, there are babies and children everywhere!”  The second thought that went through my mind was “Where was Sarah when I had my two children, I LOVE IT!!??!”

Fit Mummies (57 of 57)

The idea with Fit Mummy is that while you participate in the class your babies or young children get to come along too.  Fit Mummies (42 of 57)Some are just sitting there behaving themselves looking angelic, others are next door in the attached play area, some are even climbing all over mummy (or someone else) or even being held by Sarah while she runs the class.

cuddles from Sarah while mummy works out
cuddles from Sarah while mummy works out

Today, because of the summer holidays older children were also attending and enjoying the play space or sitting with mum munching on snacks.

Sharing snacks..
Sharing snacks..


If you are looking to get your figure back after having children but worry about what to do with your little ones then this class is PERFECT for you.  It is the most relaxed class I’ve beenFit Mummies (56 of 57) to as babies are everywhere but no one cares.  Sometimes children need feeding or bringing back to their little mat and their toys but whatever happens no one looks at you funny or glares at you for ruining their session.  Its just all good fun.  Everyone is in the same situation and it is just so friendly.  Surprisingly, the babies all did really well, yes some moved around but I thought it would be crazy.. it wasn’t it was lovely and really great to see mums able to return to exercise with little ones along for the ride.

Fit Mummies (55 of 57)

I really do wish this class was around when my children were little as they hated to be left in a creche somewhere and I was always worried about what would happen if they “kicked off”.  I really liked the fact that children were there and they were even used as part of the exercises, which kept them entertained too.  I would always head out for a run with mum buggy but this is also a great way to meet new mums and Sarah is just lovely and so welcoming… so get yourselves along to the next session, you won’t regret it.

Fit Mummies (38 of 57)

If you are interested in joining the Fit Mummy group Sarah can be contacted on 07939 656082.  They also run classes for pregnant mums both in Crawley and Horsham.  They can also be found on Facebook.

Fit Mummies (31 of 57)

Thank you so much to the Fit Mummy Ladies for letting me come and take your photos.  If you attend the Fit Mummy fitness class and would like to book a private session for your child, family, new baby etc as I thank you, you will receive three 7 x 5 inch prints as gift when you purchase one of my packages.


exercise for mum, crawley
Playing while mummy works


Reading while mummy is busy
Reading while mummy is busy
cuddles with mummy
cuddles with mummy

Newborn Photo Sessions

Newborn PhotographyWell its been such a busy time recently with starting a new part-time job plus finishing all the editing from previous sessions; I can finally say I have now caught up.  If you are interested in booking a newborn photo shoot remember the best time is within the first two weeks of your baby being born when they are at their sleepiest and tiniest.  This way it is easier to capture all those tiny features while your baby is happily sleeping.Newborn photography, BillingshurstThe only problem with newborn photo shoots is that when your baby arrives YOU do not wish to be booking a session, it’s the last thing on your mind.  You will however be extremely pleased that you were organised enough to have booked it while you were pregnant so all you need to do is turn up.  Newborn PhotographyYou can then breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your gorgeous new baby can grow and you can relax because we have captured the all important new baby memories.

If you are interested in booking a session its better to book as soon as you know you are pregnant.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t know the exact due date, I will put your name in the diary and then when baby arrives we can arrange a time that suits you best.   The nicest thing about booking your session early is that you can forget about it until your baby arrives and then at this point you will be super excited that you were so organised!gorgeous girl newborn shoot, Horsham

The sessions do take about 3 hours but this is because its such a relaxed  session and completely baby lead.  Your little one needs to be happy so we stop as often as required to feed and cuddle as needed. Kissing the baby bump

I am also able to do a maternity photo shoot if you would like some memories of how gorgeous you looked during your pregnancy.  There is a discount for booking both at the same time.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Too awake to sleepSophie Phillips (3 of 24)Newborn babay

A beautiful little boy with his big brothers

Newborn PhotographyWow, what fun this session was.  Reuben was only 8 days old when he came for his 1st set of photos and what a dream baby he was.  As soon as he arrived his mum gave him a feed so that he was full up and ready to sleep, and he did just that.

newborn photo session, family photos, billingshurstHe was such a relaxed little boy that we were able to just put him where he was needed and he just slept.  His brothers were wonderful but slightly harder work (they were awake) but they did a great job and loved playing on the trampoline when they weren’t required for photos.  It was easy to see that they were really pleased to have a little brother and just loved to look after him.  Newborn photo session, horsham, crawley,

At the end we had a quick session with mum and dad as well which was really fun as everyone completely relaxed and just enjoyed themselves.  I have absolutely loved editing this session and am so pleased that the family love them just as much as I do.Sophie Phillips (3 of 24)

Bluebells sessions are filling up…available in the Horsham area

Blue bell mini photo session, barns green, sussex
The beautiful spring bluebells have finally arrived…

Now is the ideal time for some beautiful family photos in amongst the gorgeous spring blue bells. Sessions available first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon

£30 for a 30 minute session which include three 7×5 inch prints.  Extra images are available to purchase.  For this mini session there will be no minimum price spend for individual prints. Your images will then be added to a private gallery for you to view and there will be 20% discount off the package prices.

Available dates:

Saturday 30th April 2016

Saturday 14th May 2016

For More Information or To Secure Your Slot

A new website…

Claire Wilders
Like everyone I hate my photo being taken..
My 5yr old decided he wanted to be behind the camera and boss me about for a change… This is his shot and the only one I’ve had taken for a while…



Hi guys,
So, those of you that have been following me will already be aware that I currently have a FB page and that the website is a new thing….

Well actually it’s been around for a little while but it’s all been a little hectic so the website has taken a back seat.  After a little nagging from my sister in law…(her fiancé, my, extremely, talented brother in law (DVT WEB DESIGN) set the website up for me because I have no idea how or where to start!  Or, in fact, how to continue hence it halting progress.)… Anyway, after a bit of gentle nagging… And a lot of explaining my website is now back in progress.  (If you do need any help with building your website definitely send him a message because he really does do an amazing job!)

Please bear with me whilst I set it up and if you have any questions either pop to my Facebook page or email me for more information.  I promise you my photography is way better than my website knowledge…. 😃