Newborn Sessions

This session is possibly the most precious one of all. Your brand new beautiful bundle of joy has just arrived and you cannot imagine how much you love this adorable little baby…you want to keep them tiny forever and remember those beautiful little features; their tiny toes, their gorgeous nose, their minute little finger nails…

Ideally, a newborn baby photo shoot takes place within the first 14 days of your gorgeous babies arrival. This way we can capture all of those tiny little details because it’s not long before they start having growth spurts and soon they’re not so tiny. During this stage they are still very sleepy so don’t actually notice being moved around while we take their photo and they are much easier to capture.

The session itself will last about 3 hours because it is all VERY RELAXED. The majority of the time is spent with you just feeding them, cuddling them and getting them to sleep. It’s all very calm. Some parents worry that the child will get cold but don’t worry the heating will be on, so nice and toasty. Others worry about the poop and a naked baby… don’t worry I am used to getting pooped on and it’s always quick to clean up. If we are calm, your baby will sleep and that’s when the best memories are captured. During the session you can pick different props and blankets to use, we also have a variety of clothes and headbands. I will capture beautiful memories of your babies tiny hands, toes and ears, as before long these will be a distant memory.

As we generally don’t know when our baby is going to make their grand entrance the best way to arrange a newborn session is to book for your due date and then when your new baby arrives together we will come up with a suitable date. It is normally best to book this session as soon as you know you are pregnant and have your due date, as this stops you having to think about it when the baby has arrived, as life does get a bit crazy for a while.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on or 07904 980885

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