How does the pricing work?

It’s all very simple.  There is a session fee which is paid prior to the session and this is your deposit, which is non refundable.  When we meet again after the viewing of your images, it is at this point that you choose your prints or package.  If you choose prints there is a minimum spend of £90 but the packages are there to save you money.  There is a price list on the Prices Page so there are no hidden costs or surprises when you buy your photos.


Can I buy the photos on a USB or disc and print them myself? Will the quality be as good?

Yes, you can print your own images after purchasing a disc or USB but I cannot guarantee the quality of the images printed and you print them at your own risk.  I use professional companies that I trust and know that their printing compliments my editing.  Other companies may use cheaper quality paper or ink which result in a lower quality.  Your photo may come out darker or lighter, or even a completely different colour.Family photography Billingshurst, Horsham and Sussex


Can I take photos on my phone while in the studio or out on session?

You have paid me to take photos of your beautiful family so there is no need to take photos during the session.  When you take phone photos and share them on social media your photos then lack the excitement at your personal viewing.  If your phone requires a flash it will also change the light set up which could result in the perfect moment being ruined.


Can I screen shot photos and share them on my Social Media?

I am happy for you to add any photos that you purchase on to Social Media but screen shots change the quality of my images and therefore I do not allow any screenshots of my photos.  I am happy for you to share or tag your own photos from my Facebook Page.


Can I re edit your images or add filters and share then on Social Media?
I ensure all images are edited to my own personal standard and style so therefore you are not able to change any photos.


Don’t I have the copyright of the images, so why can’t I do what I want with them?
The photographer owns the copyright to all photos taken but if you purchase the images on USB or disc Claire Wilders Photography is giving you printing rights which enables you to print your own set or share those purchase onto social media.  Unless you give your consent on the model consent form I do not use your images for any other purpose.  If you do not purchase images on USB or disc you are not given permission to reprint your own images.


Natural light photography sussexWhy is the newborn session so long?
This session completely revolves around your new baby so when it needs cuddles, feeding or changing we stop.  Babies need lots of cuddles and a relaxed atmosphere so I like to ensure we stop as often as possible.  As a new mum it’s a very tiring time so this is a great time for you to sit back and relax.


Can I bring food and drink to the session?

Yes.  It may be worth thinking about the mess your choice of food may make on your child’s clothes or face  but as parent I know the importance of bringing snacks and drinks to your session.


How can I keep my child entertained during the session?

Feel free to bring a few toys, books or tablet for them to use.  If you are at my studio I can also provide a few toys for them to play with and if supervised they are welcome to play in my garden but this is at your own risk.  If they are no longer required for the session there is a park at the end of the road which is close enough for them to be taken to.


What happens if I am late?

Please phone or text me on 07904 980885 to let me know if you are going to be late.  I may have clients after you so this may affect the length of time you have left for your photo session.


What happens after my session?

Editing of the photos take 2-3 weeks but can occasionally take longer at busy times.  Once the photos are edited I will arrange an In Person Viewing Session where together we will view your gallery and you will be able to decide which package or photos you would like to purchase.


What is an In Person Viewing?

An “In Person Viewing” is a meeting after your photos have been edited where you view the images on a slideshow.  I am then happy to leave you to discuss which images you would like to purchase and if there is any wall art you would like to purchase.  I do not try to sell you any images but I am able to offer advice if you require it.  I prefer to do a personal viewing at my house, because you can see photo sizes as they are up on my wall in the studio, however if this is a problem please let me know so we can discuss options.  The good thing about I.P.Vs is that you can take any USBs home with you and I can order prints straight away.  Normally if you go home and think about it life gets in the way and photo ordering then becomes delayed.


Do you take card or cash at In Person Viewings?

I do have a card reader so either, debit cards, cash or paypal is fine.


I messaged you last night but today you still haven’t replied, why not?

My photography business is part-time as I also work in a local school plus I have children of my own.  This mean I am unable to always reply instantly to messages or emails but I try to reply as soon as possible.  I normally dedicate Wednesdays to answering emails and messages so please do not panic if you haven’t heard straight back.  I promise you your business is extremely important to me and therefore I will keep in touch.  If there is a problem please feel free to phone or text me on  07904 980885


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