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Resting near Beaumeris 

I’ve been trying to write this for a while and it finally came to me while I was out on my bike..
I have three passions: my family, the outdoors and photography.

I LOVE memories and I take photos whenever possible, much to the frustration of my children.  It could be on my Iphone or my DSLR, it doesn’t matter I just love to capture fun moments constantly.

This does mean that I have photos of my family doing everything, my children as babies, the first time they rode a bike, days out, sports events you name it, I have it. I love to have photos of my family on the wall so that I can look back at our memories with happiness. Most of them aren’t even major events either they’re just moments in our lives that were fun. We have also moved around a bit so its been a great way to show the children where they’re been and what they’ve been up to, plus it means we always have photos of family and friends around.

This is why I decided to become a photographer. I wanted to help keep those memories alive for everyone.  I believe that we should all be able to have photos of our family or memorable events. So whether you want me to photograph your newborn baby, your child’s birthday, a family photo shoot at the park, a sporting event, even your new puppy (or old puppy) give me a call. I’d love to capture some memories so you too can have them all over you wall…..


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Claire Wilders


West Sussex

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