Exciting times with Fit Mummy

I had an exciting meeting this week with Sarah from Fit Mummy.

As a photographer I love capturing photos of newborn babies and children but as a mum who loves sport I understand how hard it is to fit in exercise.

Sarah and Lizzie are both fitness instructors and mums who realised that there is little in the way of exercise for mums to be and mums once the babies arrive so between them they have designed some wonderful classes.  They provide pre and post natal classes once your baby arrives.  The wonderful thing about these classes is that you can attend them with your baby.  It’s a wonderful way to lose your baby weight but without having to leave you gorgeous new baby with someone else.  Being a new mum can also be a lonely time as you adjust to looking after something so fragile but Fit mummy sessions also provides a great social network.

Sarah and I have decided to join together to show new mums what opportunities are available. I will be attending some of the classes to meet the Fit Mummies and to capture some photos of them with their babies participating in the sessions with Sarah and Lizzie. 

I will also be offering Fit Mummies a special discount with will enable them the ability to have a photo session to capture either some maternity photos or newborn photos once the baby has been born.  Watch this space because more information will be coming soon….




Postponed newborn photo session….

victorian photo session

Unfortunately today’s newborn photography session had to be postponed, which does happen when working with brand new babies and their mummas.  My studio in Billingshurst was all set up and ready to go so I couldn’t decide what to do with my new three hours of spare time.Victorian practise (1 of 5)

In my head a list as long as my arm was forming but instead…..Victorian practise (3 of 5)


Practise won…. but no babies…..ummm…… dolls and teddies it is though… Slightly harder to pose than a gorgeously new squishy baby but there is definitely less poo and wee.  I also really enjoyed using the new back drop, baby bed and antique pram though and can’t wait to put them into practise.

Victorian practise (4 of 5)

If you’re thinking of a newborn photo shoot please do not hesitate to contact me at clairewildersphotography@gmail.com


The earlier you book the better but even if you’ve just had your baby we can still get some beautiful photos for you to keep forever.Victorian practise (5 of 5)


Fathers Day Session – the forever lasting gift


Gifts for that special man

celebrating on Fathers Day steve and Maddie (1 of 2)

Don’t know what to buy, on Fathers Day, for that special person in your life?

How about a photo session.. The session can either be run prior to fathers day so that you can have some gorgeous prints ready as a gift on Father Day or it can be afterwards with both the adult and children together once the gift has been given

(This offer isn’t limited to the father and his children, it is whoever is special in the childs life…could be a step parent, Uncle, Grandad or even a single parent that celebrates Fathers Day)

£35 plus 10% off package prices


£75 includes three 10 x 8 inch prints, two 7 x 5 inch prints and 5 images to CD to keep.


Spring Family Mini Session, Sussex – LIMITED OFFER

Blue bell mini photo session, barns green, sussex
The beautiful spring bluebells have finally arrived…

Now is the ideal time for some beautiful family photos in amongst the gorgeous spring blue bells. Sessions available first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon

£30 for a 30 minute session which include three 7x5inch prints.

Available dates:

Saturday 30th April 2016

Saturday 14th May 2016

For More Information or To Secure Your Slot

The website is almost finished….


I never realised how hard a website would be… actually yes I did because I have no idea about how this thing actually works.  The whole internet, websites is a complete mystery.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this is still a work in progress website and for those of you that visit-Thank you.

While I am finishing it all off please do not hesitate to have a look around and give me feedback on what you think.  If you want to book a session I would love for you to get in touch so that I can move away from this desk..

Take care and have a great day


Newborn Baby Competition time

Too awake to sleep
Cutie pie in a basket




To enter all you have to do is like my page and share the post on my Facebook page. I will then pull the winning name out of a hat on Sunday 10th April 2016

The winner will get a free photo session and three 5x7in prints to keep. (You may purchase extra prints or packages)
To enter:

– the baby MUST be under 2 weeks old on the photo shoot day (otherwise you will be charged for the photo session)

– you must be available for the photo shoot on Thursday 14th April at 10am until 1pm and you must be able to get to my studio in Billingshurst (the exact address is given at the time of booking)

– you must share and like my photography page (this is the only way that I can see you have entered.)

– the final photos will be used for advertising purposes

– My selection will be final


Anyone that likes and shares my Facebook page can receive a 15% discount on their own photoshoot by mentioning this competition at the time of booking

Good Luck!



Latest edits..

Sophia Rose
Such a cute little toosh
Sophia Rose
Such a clever girl for sitting up so long, for the first time… So glad we could capture it..
Enjoying her photo being taken
Loving the basket

Such a busy day today, editing this little gorgeous girls memories for mummy. She was such a good girl on the day and even managed to practice sitting up. Her mummy said it was the first time she had sat up for so long.

A new website…

Claire Wilders
Like everyone I hate my photo being taken..
My 5yr old decided he wanted to be behind the camera and boss me about for a change… This is his shot and the only one I’ve had taken for a while…



Hi guys,
So, those of you that have been following me will already be aware that I currently have a FB page and that the website is a new thing….

Well actually it’s been around for a little while but it’s all been a little hectic so the website has taken a back seat.  After a little nagging from my sister in law…(her fiancé, my, extremely, talented brother in law (DVT WEB DESIGN) set the website up for me because I have no idea how or where to start!  Or, in fact, how to continue hence it halting progress.)… Anyway, after a bit of gentle nagging… And a lot of explaining my website is now back in progress.  (If you do need any help with building your website definitely send him a message because he really does do an amazing job!)

Please bear with me whilst I set it up and if you have any questions either pop to my Facebook page or email me for more information.  I promise you my photography is way better than my website knowledge…. 😃