Autumn is almost here..

Can you believe the summer is over and its only 11 weeks today until Christmas!

BUT… between now and then is my favourite time..


Around Horsham and Crawley there are some lovely places to spend a glorious autumn day with your family or dog so I thought I would share a few of my favourites, plus a few of my dedicated followers have given me their ideas too.

Tilgate Park, Crawley, is my absolute favourite park! No matter where I have lived no park has ever been as good as Tilgate. Not only is it absolutely stunning but there is so much to do, whether it is building dens and climbing the trees in the woods, walking round the lake and having a picnic or visiting the nature reserve. Other things to do here include Go Ape, play park, rowing boats, Smith and Western. It is so easy to spend the day here and is a wonderful place to tire out the children without spending a fortune. Parking is £1 per hour but all proceeds do go back into the park and for the nature centre it is only £4 for an adult and £3 for age 3-16yr olds.

Buchan Park is a place where I spend many days during my childhood climbing trees and having picnics. This is definitely a back to nature kind of place. There is ample free parking and its only a short walk to a beautiful lake and the perfect paths for kicking leaves or walking the dog.

Sheffield Park this National Park is absolutely stunning in the autumn. The colours around the lake are like no other. There is no tree climbing in the actual gardens but they do put on events for children to do throughout the year. However, there is a natural play area a short walk away and this includes a den area and soon to be replaced huge swing!

Southwater Country Park is another great park in the area. The lake provides a great place for swimming and water sports during the summer and then year round is the Dinosaur Park. A great place to spend the afternoon with lots to entertain the children. In the summer it gets extremely busy with families picnicking either around the lake or in the dinosaur park but as the nights close in and days get cooler it definitely gets much quieter.

Petworth Park is another National Trust place which is home to hundreds of deer. There is a paying car park (free for NT) which provides easy access to the park. It’s a beautiful place to sit and watch the deer or wander along the many paths around the park.

Wey and Arun Canal is not a park but it is a beautiful place to go for a walk and it’s lovely to see the canal boats and at Christmas you can even go one to meet Father Christmas.

All of the above places are dog friendly, although most of them do require your dog to be on the lead.

I hope you like my list and feel free to message me with your favourite place

I will be running autumn mini sessions in various locations over the next few weeks so feel free to get in touch or like my Facebook page Claire Wilders Photography

Mini Session Prices are:


20 minute session plus 3 digital images


20 minute session plus 5 digital images


20 minute session plus all images

Prints/packages can be bought extra but will include a 10% discount.

“The Wedding” what happened next? A photographers first wedding!

They say never mix business with friendships but I have to say this is the best thing I have done and I don’t regret it for a minute.

Holly asked me if I would photograph her wedding to Shiraz, even though she knew I wasn’t a wedding photographer. I had taken lots of photos of her daughter at school sports events and I also did her new daughters newborn photo session, so she knew what my photos were like.

She made it clear that she wanted to document the day and NOT spend all day posing for photos, so everything would be very relaxed. My first thought was “well that’s great but what does Shiraz want?”… maybe he will hate my photos and will want everything…..

My second panic came when they told me who some of their guests were and where the wedding was to be held. Jason Roberts the professional footballer was best man and had flown in just for the wedding and Shiraz’s family had flown in from all over the world. The venue was the absolutely stunning Leonardslee Gardens My low key garden party wedding was no longer low key…

All I can say is they are the most relaxed couple I think I’ve ever met!!! And I am so glad that I photographed their wedding. First of all they’re both gorgeous so taking photos of them was easy and they were just so relaxed with each other that natural photos were just free flowing! Although their wedding was absolutely stunning and in such a lavish place it really was just like a garden party!

The whole day was just relaxed from start to finish and I just had THE best time!!

Prior to the wedding Holly hung out with her bridesmaids while Shiraz chatted to arriving guests and enjoyed the sunshine (in what had been a week of rain).

Children were able to run around on the lawn and guests relaxed on the patio.

The actual ceremony was gorgeous because Leonardslee Gardens has a beautiful little entrance hall where the ceremony can take place with some seated guests and then the rest looking down from the balcony.

As a guest I was told to to relax during the ceremony and watch the special moment, although I still couldn’t help capturing a few photos.

The rest of the afternoon was enjoying the day and helping the gorgeous couple celebrate.

True to her word Holly only wanted a few official photos so we spent a short time capturing the family together plus the obligatory confetti shot before heading off for some fun… in the way of a golf buggy!

Leonardslee Gardens is just gorgeous for the couples photos and it was great fun driving through the grounds on the golf buggy..(they even grabbed one of me en route)

As before Hollys priority for the day was her guests so we only spent 15 minutes by the lake capturing some relaxed couples photos before heading back to the house for dinner.

After a bumpy, slightly worrying drive back up the hill, wondering if the golf buggies/drivers AKA Holly ( would make it) we were greeted by some very excited children.

Holy and Shiraz wanted speeches before food, which was a great idea because it meant everyone could relax.

It was then time for the group photo before heading off for an extremely delicious dinner!!

After catching up with friends over dinner the final photo of the day I wanted to capture was the first dance.

My job was then finished and it was time to enjoy the rest of the evening. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Holly and Shiraz for believing in me and allowing me to attend their wedding as both guest and photographer. It was an absolute pleasure!

What did Holly and Shiraz think…

“Claire is an incredible patient talented photographer.

We are honoured to have had her Photograph her first ever Wedding.

Claire you are a star and we can’t thank you enough for your photos which will last a lifetime of memories for us.

5 ⭐️”

So my verdict… would I recommend doing a friends wedding??


Should you follow the advice of everyone else that says don’t do it?

NO! If you feel you’re ready go for it.

Do you need a second camera?

It would be handy to save swapping lenses but I made it work. I also had a back up card in my camera but if the camera went wrong I was stuffed. If I do weddings in the future I will definitely have another camera.

What would my tips be?

Be clear on the expectations of both yourself and bridal party.

Follow your gut feeling.

Doing the wedding was terrifying but I am so glad I did it.

Research the venue.

Read up.

Have a list of photos you’d like. I was lucky with my bride and groom as they were so chilled and were happy with whatever I took.

Think about where you need to stand for the photos you want.


My first wedding!


I constantly get asked…

“Do you photograph weddings?”

And my answer has always been…

“No, that’s WAY too much pressure! Imagine photographing the wedding and messing it up? That’s the brides day ruined…no memories…I couldn’t take that kind of pressure.

Then there is the other side from “Wedding Photographers” who will tell you…

“Don’t do it unless you are totally ready!!”

“Everyone thinks they can be a photographer but it’s way harder to be a wedding photographer!”

“Never photograph a friends wedding, that’s just asking for trouble!!”

“You need to get training before you even attempt it!”

“Being a guest and a photographer at the wedding never works”

So, I never did…

Until now!

A wonderful friend of mine was getting married and asked ME to be her photographer! Of course I said no. Was she crazy… I couldn’t do that! But she insisted…

“It’s a relaxed affair, think of it as a garden party! I just want to capture something from the day and have some memories of my friends and family coming together to help me celebrate.”

Ok, I could photograph a party, that’s ok! So we agreed, I would attend the wedding as a friend but also take my camera (let’s be honest, we ALL take our camera to the wedding anyway!)

And that was it.

I was going to photograph their wedding! I had already done their baby photos and that went like a dream so I knew Holly was just as relaxed as they came!

Holly never changed! She was absolutely wonderful and put ME at ease! I was so nervous before the day but that was all me, nothing but calm came from my wonderful bride to be!

So what happened next….. You’ll have to wait until the next blog!

Back to School Photos

I know it’s the summer holiday BUT…

Does your life get really busy when the children go back to school and the last thing on your mind is school photos?


Then the day arrives and your children come home and tell you they’ve had their photos taken? That’s when you realise they’re wearing that really dirty school jumper, their face is grubby and they haven’t had their hair cut…

But home comes the photo proof and you still buy it… even though you hate it but you’ve promised to send Nan and Granddad their yearly photos of the children!


Then child number 2 comes home with their photo proof and you have to spend even more money on their photos as well!!

Isn’t it so annoying when the children are at different schools.. everything becomes so much more expensive!

How about this year doing something DIFFERENT, EASIER & CHEAPER!?!?!

You come to me!!


You pay ONE price

You dress them before you arrive in CLEAN clothes

It doesn’t matter WHICH school your children go to they ALL get their photos TOGETHER, as well as individual ones

It will take about 10 minutes and then you can forget about it until I email you over your gallery.


1x 10×8 inch or 2x 7×5 inch print       –     £15

3x 10×8 inch or 5x 7×5 inch print       –    £35

All images printed 7×5 inch                 –     £45


1x digital print                                        –      £20

3x digital prints                                      –      £39

All digital prints                                     –      £49

(Digital Prints can be shared and personally printed as many times as you wish)

How do you book?

Either PM me, complete the booking form or email me at


Happy holidays 😃



New baby photo sessions in Horsham..

Why have a photo session for a new baby, isn’t life crazy enough without having to schedule in a session as soon as they arrive?

You are quite right, the first weeks are crazy and therefore go past in a blur.

However, by planning ahead,while you are pregnant, you will appreciate being able to have a session that lasts a couple of hours but the memories will be there forever. Babies grow so fast you quickly forget how gorgeous they looked when they first arrived and how tiny they were.

This session allows you to capture those gorgeous features forever while having a few hours to sit back and relax!

If you would like more information do not hesitate to get in touch…


Has that time come around already…?

Your little baby is about to leave school and move onto the next chapter..

and all that’s left is …. PROM

Leaving School, Girl in prom dress


They asked for a new outfit, shoes, hair and make up plus a car to take them there…

Why not book in a PHOTO SESSION to capture those memories for years to come??


A 20-30 minute photo session is



3 digital images

Prom dress, senior photos

These sessions will be held in Southwater and are limited so to avoid disappointment book yours early.

Prom photo session, Sussex


MOTHERS DAY is coming… are you ready? Let’s celebrate them all!

Are you one of the organised ones that can think of awesome presents months in advance or are you the person that leaves it to the last moment?

Whichever you are, I can help…. because I am running photo sessions to celebrate:



Whether it is for:


(or dad, if from a single parent family.. it’s a celebration remember)

Family photography sussexSouthwater Photography







Family photographer sussex



Family Photography in sussex




Mothers Day Present, Sussex Photography







Family of 5 photography


Horsham Photographer

Beautiful girl photography

Sussex family photography


I have sessions available…

This day is about celebrating all mums, regardless of the age of their children, and all the amazing thing they do for us.

Whether you would like a voucher to be given on the day so that you can come at a later day as a family…


mothers day sussex



…or booking it prior to Mothers Day so that you can give the gift on the actual day..




I have something for you.Family photography, Photo sessions, Horsham Park, Location Photography




Sessions available before MOTHERS DAY are on:


Sessions available after MOTHERS DAY are on:





30 minutes

and will include

3 digital images

They will be run in Southwater and must be booked & paid for in advance

There will be opportunities to purchase extra digital images for £15 each

£95 for 15 images

£150 for all edited digital images

Wall Art will also be available to purchase and will include a 10% discount to celebrate our mums!


2019… when did that happen??!!!

Family of 5 photography
Has 2018 flown by for you too or is it just me?

Did you have a long list of things you want to do in the 2018 and suddenly a year has gone by and the list is still long??

Is “Get updated photos of the family” on there?

Do you want photos with your parents before times passes and they’ve gone?


If so, I can help!

This February I have decided to help everyone to tick that one OFF their To DO list and finally get those family photos done.


I will be holding 2 sets of mini sessions in February.  One will be outside and the other session will be indoors, in Southwater. (only torrential rain will cancel the session)


Family Photographer, Southwater

How does it work?

it’s a 20 minute sessions

Posed or’s up to you

Indoors or outdoors, you decide

What are the dates?

Indoor Session

Saturday 9th February 2019

9 – 9.20 am

9.30 – 9.50 am

10 – 10.20 am

10.30 – 10.50 am

11 – 11.20 am

11.30 – 11.50 am

12 – 12.20 pm

2 – 2.20 pm

2.30 – 2.50 pm

3 – 3.20 pm

3.30 – 3.50 pm

4 – 4.20 pm

4.30 – 4.50 pm

Southwater Photography

Outdoor Session

Venue to be confirmed (Horsham Area)

Sunday 10th February 2019

9 – 9.20 am

9.30 – 9.50 am

10 – 10.20 am

10.30 – 10.50 am

11 – 11.20 am

11.30 – 11.50 am

12 – 12.20 pm

2 – 2.20 pm

2.30 – 2.50 pm

3 – 3.20 pm

3.30 – 3.50 pm

4 – 4.20 pm

4.30 – 4.50 pm

Mother and Son Photography, Horsham

How much?

There are various prices and you can upgrade after the session once you have viewed your photos.

a £95..  includes the session 3 digital prints

b £135..   includes the session and 5 digital prints

c £155..   includes the session and ALL digital prints

d £135..   includes the session, 3 digital prints plus 3x 10×8 inch prints

Wall Art can be purchased in addition to the packages.


Complete the form below with details about who will be attending the session along with the date and time you wish to book.

I will then send you an invoice which needs to be paid in order to secure your session.  (without payment someone else can have your slot)

Once I’ve booked

I will then email you extra details about the session, address of venue, clothing ideas, welcome information etc.


Horsham Photographer






Bespoke School Photo Sessions


School Uniform Photography


This year I have decided to run some school photo sessions.

Each year I love to have photos of my children in their school uniform standing together, ready to start the new year.  In many areas brothers and sisters attend a primary school and a secondary school and each year have their photo taken at school, as individuals and as siblings.

In Sussex , we some primary schools but we also have infants and juniors so quickly children have move from one school to the next and they can no longer have photos sat together.   On my wall as a child I remember looking at my school sibling photos and I loved to see how much we had grown but in this area there isn’t that opportunity.

I have decided to run some short sessions where you can bring your children and they can have both their individual photos PLUS their sibling photo together.  It doesn’t matter which school they go to, they can all stand together in their individual school uniform and all for ONE price… PLUS you will be there so you can ensure that you children are clean and tidy, uniform is smart and their hair has been brushed.  Feel free to bring an item they love from school if they wish to have this in their photo to, whether it be reading a book, standing with a cricket bat or football, or even their musical instrument.

Once the session is finished I will edit your photos and you will get to choose which images you would like to purchase.

About the session

The session will last about 10 minutes and I will be running these over a few days, which will include some after school and some at the weekend of Half Term as I know it is REALLY hard to pin children down when there as so many clubs!


School Photo Sessions


Now I have to say, this was the trickiest part when deciding to run these sessions because EVERYONE wants something different… some only wanted 1 photo of 1 child only some had 3 children and wanted prints of each child plus sibling photos, some wanted prints for the grandparents too, whereas some wanted it for themselves only, some some said only images on disc to print yourself, some definitely no disc, some with mounts, some without…. see the list was endless…. so my brain was a bit overloaded because I wanted to make these affordable.

At school you know each set that comes home is for one child so you have a price per child and you can choose which set works best.  Here it will be ONE price PER family, you just need to choose which option works best for you.  I am happy to discuss other options if you need different sizes etc or mounts.

Digitals Images

Upon purchase these images will be automatically downloadable for you to keep, print and share as you wish.


1 Image supplied as high resolution file to produce unlimited copies


School Photographer in Horsham



3 Images supplied as high resolution file to produce unlimited copes


School Photo sessions In Crawley


All edited Images supplied as high resolution file to produce unlimited copies




1 10×8 inch OR 2 7×5 inch Prints



3 10×8 inch OR 5 7×5 inch Prints



All images printed to 7×5 inch prints

(This one can be tailor made to fit family requirements, e.g if you didn’t want all photos printed you could substitute two smaller prints for one larger print.  Great for larger families and/or sharing with family members)


Southwater School PhotosSussex School Photography 


If you would like to purchase white mounts as extra please inquire for prices and details

If you have any questions PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO EMAIL ME at oe use the form below.




Reveal Wall


New baby photo sessions

As a photographer it’s obvious that I love to take photos..  They reckon about 1.2 Trillion Photos are taken each year  but that’s as far as it goes, they stay on a phone, maybe end up on social media but they very rarely get printed.

Beautiful new baby face wearing a hairband

I however, love to see them in print.  The day the photos arrive I still get excited! Don’t worry I’m like the rest of you, I don’t print every photo, I still have tons that sit on my phone but I still love to print some of them.

I started doing photography because I wanted other people to be able to have beautiful photos of their children and families, just like I do.  I started off only providing galleries for clients, where they could view the photos in the comfort of their own home and look at their photos at their own leisure but still not see a print.  Sleeping newborn baby

The next stage would be to purchase prints or photos on a USB stick… but again, rightly, or wrongly, photos would not printed and they would stay safe on the computer or USB.

This is why I decided that I wanted to start doing a reveal wall.

7x5 inch reveal wall prints

What is a reveal wall?

A reveal wall is photo set up of all your edited prints.  Once your session has been completed I edit your photos and then print them ALL off as 7×5 inch mounted prints.   This enables us to meet up and allows you to see EXACTLY what your photos will look like.  You can see your beautiful gallery up close and decide easily which photos you would like to purchase.

Your photos look great on a computer or your phone but they will look stunning when you can see them in your hand.  The other great thing about the wall is that if you decide you like the 7×5 inch prints you are able to purchase them and walk away with them that evening.

Photography Reveal Wall

If you have ANY questions about the reveal wall please do not hesitate to leave a message below or contact me for more details.