Back to School Photos

Back to School Photos

I know it’s the summer holiday BUT…

Does your life get really busy when the children go back to school and the last thing on your mind is school photos?


Then the day arrives and your children come home and tell you they’ve had their photos taken? That’s when you realise they’re wearing that really dirty school jumper, their face is grubby and they haven’t had their hair cut…

But home comes the photo proof and you still buy it… even though you hate it but you’ve promised to send Nan and Granddad their yearly photos of the children!


Then child number 2 comes home with their photo proof and you have to spend even more money on their photos as well!!

Isn’t it so annoying when the children are at different schools.. everything becomes so much more expensive!

How about this year doing something DIFFERENT, EASIER & CHEAPER!?!?!

You come to me!!


You pay ONE price

You dress them before you arrive in CLEAN clothes

It doesn’t matter WHICH school your children go to they ALL get their photos TOGETHER, as well as individual ones

It will take about 10 minutes and then you can forget about it until I email you over your gallery.


1x 10×8 inch or 2x 7×5 inch print       –     £15

3x 10×8 inch or 5x 7×5 inch print       –    £35

All images printed 7×5 inch                 –     £45


1x digital print                                        –      £20

3x digital prints                                      –      £39

All digital prints                                     –      £49

(Digital Prints can be shared and personally printed as many times as you wish)

How do you book?

Either PM me, complete the booking form or email me at


Happy holidays 😃